The Worst, Best Friend

What does a best friend mean to you?  


When I think of a best friend, I think of someone to laugh with, but most importantly someone who is encouraging and supportive.  Someone who, while not agreeing with my every life choice, supports me and lets me find my way on my owns terms, on my own timeline.  Someone who leaves me feeling valued, wanted and loved.  Someone who highlights most things right about me, while overlooking most things wrong.  


In my opinion, what a best friend is not, is someone who makes me feel less than, unworthy, unwanted, incapable and judged.


If you encountered someone who treated you poorly, how long would you let them maintain a relationship with you?


What kind of comments and judgments would you allow, before you said enough is enough?


I'll guess instinctively upon reading this, your gut reaction told you, you'd let this kind of person go without hesitation.  They'd be gone without further thought.  You'd cut them off.


I'll bet that's what you're thinking.


What about if it was a friend who told you about their own friend, treating them poorly?  What advice would you offer them?


If most of us, upon hearing about mistreatment by a friend are so quick to eliminate toxic people 'on paper', why then, do we allow our own internal voice to treat us like the Worst, Best Friend?


You know that little voice.  The one inside your head that never shuts up and is spouting off incessantly.


That little voice is really good as telling us to doubt ourselves.  It tells us that we're not capable, that we should be afraid, that when we don't know what lies ahead we should stop trying.


It tells us we're not fit enough, attractive enough, smart enough, resourceful enough, creative enough, assertive enough….just plain, not enough.


Why, when we think of an external friend can we so quickly draw a line in the sand, all the while permitting that little voice to live inside our bodies, wreaking havoc on our soul?


Picture a good friend of yours.  


If that friend came to you and confessed that they didn't feel good enough, smart enough, creative enough, etc. - you'd instantly think of all of their phenomenal attributes - those that they're failing to see?


Could this be true for you too?


Next time your worst, best friend (that little internal voice) tells you all the things you're not - do yourself a favor and tell it to shut up!!


Then, work on starting to treat yourself, the way you work so hard to treat others.


When those bad thoughts creep in, focus on this:


You are capable.


You are worthy.


You are creative.


You are loved.


You are beautiful.


You can do, whatever that insurmountable task is, that you think you can't do.  


And remember, during all the moments you spend wishing to be something or somebody else, someone else is praying to be all that you are!


So, own it!


Happy Wednesday!  You got this!