Updates from Kelley

I have to apologize for neglecting my blog.  It's been nearly one month since my last blog post.


It hasn't been intentional.


You should know that I have a great skill in idea generation and a lesser skill in idea execution. 


See the problem.


Yup, I frequently get totally overwhelmed with all of my ideas and subsequently experience paralysis by analysis.  I can't decide where to start or prioritize which idea matters most.


Suggested platforms for entrepreneurs include a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest and YouTube.  Just thinking about this makes me hyperventilate.  Idea generation, content creation, publication, and engagement are just some of the activities required.


Oh, my!


In regards to my business, a whole bunch has been unfolding.  Loads of learning and tweaking.  I equate the process to walking around blindfolded, walking smack into a wall, then deciding where to head next, only to bump into the next wall. 


I was privileged enough to be interviewed on a podcast.  It's called She Rises, hosted by Giovanna Capozza.  Giovanna and I talk all things money. 

Giovanna Media.jpg


You can listen by clicking this link.  Podcasts are amazing in that you can cook, do dishes, putter around the house and listen at the same time.


In addition, I've been reflecting on what I've learned by working one-on-one with clients.  Aside from being blown away by the speed at which phenomenal financial gains can be realized, I started to sense that the messaging on my site wasn't in line with what most people want to learn.


Essentially, it has become abundantly clear that people are less interested in how to live with less, and more interested in how to live bigger.  This doesn't mean living without parameters, but it does mean aligning money with personal aspirations.  There is less interest in minimal living -  most of us want to look back and revel in accomplishments and experiences.


As such, I revamped my web page to reflect this, including the services page.


I began to notice the negative impact of words like stress and debt.  Flipping the cup from half empty to half full, I reworked the verbiage to speak to abundance and wealth. 


As part of this process, I created a Facebook group called The Anti Coupon Collective.  The intention is to create a community dedicated to discussion around building wealth and abstaining from ways of living with restriction.  I would love for you to join.  You can find the facebook group here.


If you visit my web page, will you offer your first impressions and feedback?


As a reminder, my business is built on referrals.  If you or someone you know wants to align their finances with personal aspirations, please connect with me.