When asked, most people would be truthful about wanting more money. 

When asked about happiness, most people would agree, that yes, they'd like to be happy. 


So, can money, bring happiness? 


As a wise woman once told me, money isn't everything, but it sure as hell helps.


It's true.  Money does help.


The truth is that money, on its own, in the absence of intention and purpose, will inevitably fail to foster happiness.  And, the individuals who are perpetually broke, will always fall short; that is, until they become crystal clear on what they want from their life.


Wanting, wishing, or praying, for more money is meaningless without razor sharp financial intentions. 


Have you ever taken the time to look inside yourself and ask what you TRULY want from your life? 



I’ve worked in commissioned sales for just over 5 years and one of my biggest challenges was managing the the inconsistent income. A close referral partner put me in touch with Kelley after I had expressed the difficulty was having balancing the ups and downs of the business. It was life changing. She showed me the importance in looking forward and budgeting every dollar to keep myself afloat month to month. It’s not about how much you make and how to get rich, it’s managing your gains and keeping your spending in check to ensure you have the funds set aside for the low months.

Kelley has the tools and experience to tailor a unique plan to put you on track to manage your money whilst achieving financial freedom.

Kelley is awesome!
— Paul M.
Kelley is meant for budgeting. This is her passion & calling. She’s enthusiastic, practical, logical, compassionate, empathetic and is the perfect person to help you be better with your money. Knowing where every dollar is, clearly assigning categories and planning for several months in advance.

Being in commissioned sales, there are a lot of inconsistencies in income, which can make budgeting tricky.

Kelley has helped me tremendously, with practical steps to straighten out the roller coaster of irregular income. Being on a financial roller coaster creates a lot of stress and uncertainty. And, Kelley’s guidance has given me a lot of peace of mind.

Sign up with her as soon as you’re able to. You will be delighted you did, and won’t ever look back.
— Mark S.