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While browsing this site, no personally-identifiable information is collected.  Collected personal information occurs only when any forms are filled out - this includes subscribing to the blog or entering contact details for reasons of booking an appointment or receiving giveaways.  This information is collected to so you will receive the information you've expressed an interest in.

Anonymous Information Collected on this Website

This site does record some anonymous data provided through analytic providers.  For example, we can see which pages are being viewed, the length of time on the page, and which links are clicked when viewing.  Additionally, the name of your service provider, your IP address, and,  how you found this site (through another link or organically through a search engine).  This information helps to identify which pages are of primary interest and helps to tailor the site to the users who view it.  You, the reader, remain completely anonymous.


Information presented on this site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be taken as financial advice.  The writing on this site is primarily my own and result from my own experiences.  As such, I am not formally certified, or educated as an investment advisor, financial planner, or the like.  I am not licensed to offer financial advice.  While you might enjoy my perspective or opinion (or not), you are encouraged to seek advice from someone who is certified in this regard.

Nothing posted on my website should be interpreted as financial advice.


This site does contain links to affiliate and other websites providing an opportunity to earn commissions at no cost to the readers.  We accept no responsibility for the privacy practices of any website linked to this one.  That said, when readers navigate from this site, it is important that each reader take the time to read the privacy policy including how and when personal information is collected.  The Privacy Policy mentioned above applies only to this website, and is not indicative of sites linked to this site.

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